Digitally transform your business

Focus on your business, reduce costs and save time

Reduce cost and take back control

Stay focused on building your core product and services.

Attlaz is designed to help you build cost-efficient solutions that can scale as you do, and help achieve your long term business vision.

Connect to any combination of apps, databases, tools in just a few clicks.

With unlimited connectors for APIs, files, databases, apps, custom connectors, and advanced business logic, enable virtually any connectivity use case without needing engineering resources.
Cost reduction

Automate processes the way you want

Automate business processes for more-efficient business, sales and marketing operations, elevated customer experience, and speedier employee on-boarding. Connect, click, automate, and integrate any business technology.
  • Automate away costs across the organisation with customisable flows
  • Accelerate work and guide decisions by accessing more data and automating processes
  • Optimize your workforce and reduce operational resources by mitigating repetitive tasks
  • Remove human errors by using tested components

Attlaz supports your business

Have access to all data

Have access to all data

Connect and get hold of more data than ever.
Stay on top of things

Stay on top of things

Get the realtime data your company needs as the moment you need it.
Collaborate across teams

Collaborate across teams

Democratize the data behind product decisions and influence stakeholders for stronger buy-in.


Run parallel flow, assign priorities and manage resources
Boost productivity

Tools that are easy to use get used

  • Fuel business success with an intuitive UI that fosters deep, sustained engagement
  • Free your engineers to build a better product, not another integration
  • Automate away low-value tasks so that you can spend more on your core business
  • Break down silos between you and your data

Reliability, without the maintenance

Mitigate the complexities of building and maintaining connections
Attlaz maintains your integrations so you don't have to. Save your team months of headache with built in auto-scaling, error handling, and end-to-end monitoring of all your integration activity.

Trusted by innovative organisations

Connect to everything
Connect to everything
Connect to everything
Connect to everything

Let's talk about what Attlaz can do for your business.

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