Introducing the improved Attlaz status page

Introducing the improved Attlaz status page

All Systems Operational!” is the kind of thing everyone loves to see and hear. Unfortunately failure is always lurking around the corner. During our outages in the past, we lacked a public facing way to inform our users and customers about potential issues on the platform, both for open source and private projects.
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Apr 6, 2022

What has changed?

The new status page features an improved user experience that clearly shows the status of different services. We further broke down statuses in sub categories to allow a more granular view on the status of services.
Our investments in Attlaz have improved our capabilities to detect more issues than ever before. However, some issues like external partner outages or scheduled maintenance are still beyond our control.
We designed the new status page UI to surface these insights, so you can understand the exact causes of degraded services and react appropriately.

Improved visual indicators of service health and incident severity

One major challenge of our new design was displaying only the most relevant incident details and status indicators to you.
We don’t want disruption in one service to show your usage as degraded. At the same time, we never want want to show you “All Systems Operational” when a service issue is impacting your business.
Improved visual status indicators

Status breakdown by service

While services are designed with a single core functionality in mind, it is possible that a partial functionality is not working as expected. To give a better understanding of what functionality is degraded we broke down services in several subtests.
In the future we will keep investing in more issue detection and a further adding sub categories.
Status breakdown by service

Improve status tests

Under the hood we have re-written tests and added additional test to make sure to test all possible [issues] that might occur. This will give faster indication of possible issues and communicate with more transparency the functionality which is not working as expected.
An upgraded and improved stack means faster indication of the current status
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