Get full observability across your entire infrastructure, your data and platforms. Debug quickly, track usage, and make informed decisions.

Make insight-led decisions

Bring the metrics that matter most into one easy-to-use dashboard. Get the real-time insights you need to grow your company.

Gain advanced insights

Efficiently monitor critical metrics such as sales performance, stock levels, and portfolio health across your entire organization.

Keep stakeholders informed

Our reporting and monitoring software helps teams being informed on what is going on.

Minimize potential risk

Our monitoring allows for immediate and automated actions, alerting or mitigating in case of any issues or disruptions.

Stay on top of your business processes

Share success with every stakeholder and see how you stack up.
  • Automated Reports: Keep everyone in the loop with custom reports sent directly to Slack, email or other channels. Highlight the metrics they need and keep your spend in-check.
Integrations made easy

Track every important detail

Seamlessly integrate with your preferred ecommerce platform and marketing channels to view all your metrics in one visual dashboard.
  • Centralized metrics: gain a holistic understanding of your business growth.
  • Native Integrations: Connect with your favorite ecommerce and marketing platforms.

Detailed logging & proactive reporting

All transaction details and events are logged on Attlaz, so you can easily analyse execution performance, error messages, traffic spent, etc.
  • Monitor: create dashboards add a visual element to our application monitoring.
  • Proactive reporting: No worries that anything will happen without you knowing.
  • Quicker interventions: Get real-time feedback on the health of your organization.

How visualisation can help you

Reduce risks

Gather better insights and reduce risks by having a better understanding of what is going on.

Accelerate response

Be able to respond faster to incidents. Catch issues before they affect your customers or business.


Attlaz provides tools to prevent issues before they occur.

Pick the integration that's right for you

Attlaz provides flexible integration options that simplify monitoring and reporting from any platform without compromising on reliability and security

More ways to visualise

Get notified
Post messages on Slack channel if there is any new invoice created inside your ERP platform.
Get notified
Get notifications in any platform if there is an order made in your ecommerce (such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, ...).
Get notified
Get notifications in your preferred channels (such as Slack, Team, Whatsapp, ...) for all the orders made inside your any platform online store.
Enhancement of data
Improve your internal data by cleansing, merging with external sources, ...
Generate reports
Generate customisable reports. Merge data from multiple sources to have a full overview.
Predict what is likely to happen and why, based on reliable data analysis.
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