Get full observability across your entire infrastructure, your data and platforms. Debug quickly, track usage, and make informed decisions.

Stay on top of your business processes


Dashboards add a visual element to our application monitoring.

Pro active reporting

No worries that anything will happen without you knowing.

Quick intervention

Get real-time feedback on the health of your flows. Reduce alert fatigue and receive notifications on only the incidents that matter.
Integrations made easy

Detailed logging & proactive reporting

All transaction details and events are logged on Attlaz, so you can easily analyse execution performance, error messages, traffic spent, etc.
  • You can view log for a period you need, easily narrow down the period
  • Filter log entries and events by status
  • View details of log entries and events
  • Receive alerts

How visualisation can help you

Reduce risks

Reduce risks

Gather better insights and reduce risks by having a better understanding of what is going on.
Accelerate response

Accelerate response

Be able to respond faster to incidents. Catch issues before they affect your customers or business.


Attlaz provides tools to prevent issues before they occur.
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