Zoho Integrations

Zoho integrations, management and monitoring could not be easier with the Attlaz robust Zoho connector, which connects any services without the need for separate integration tools.

Leverage your Zoho data

Attlaz is a specialist in integrating Zoho with other systems to help streamline your business processes. With Attlaz, you can synchronize your data, automate your work and gain better insights by connecting Zoho with over hundreds of systems.

Connect Zoho

Sync key data and information between Zoho and other platforms.

Transform, Harmonize, and Enhance

Apply enrichments in seconds or build your own customized transformations to fully enhance and harmonize your Zoho data.

Combine your Zoho data with data from multiple sources

Powerful mapping settings allow you to load and synchronize Zoho data with platforms having different data structure.


You can schedule your workflows based on triggers in your Zoho platform.

Integrations made easy

Automate and streamline the flow of data

Connect data across platforms without the overwhelming costs and complexities of traditional integration solutions.

Stay in sync with 2-way integrations

Ensures consistent data updates across all connected platforms, eliminating the need for dozens of automation recipes.

Share the right information in the right place

Fully customize your integrations, control how your information syncs and where it goes.

Real-Time sync

Provides instant mirroring of changes between platforms, keeping data consistently up to date.

Integrations made easy

Integrate Zoho with your tech stack

Automate your Zoho integration with Attlaz’s Zoho connector.


Our intuitive platform empowers you to design, automate, and optimize complex data transfers between applications. More about integrations


Create powerful workflows to minimize workload so your team can devote their attention to what is most important. More about automations


Get valuable insights allowing your company to make better data driven decisions. More about visualizations

Some Zoho use-cases and workflows

Add customers to CRM
Automatically add people who have ordered from your ecommerce store in a any platform.
Personalise email at scale
Send personalised emails based on customer intelligence data from any source. Send email to leads who submit the contact form and floating in website based on their behavior in your website or a landing page.
Lead engagement
Automatically send email to leads who submit the contact form and floating in website based on their behavior in your website or a landing page.
Predict what is likely to happen and why, based on reliable data analysis.
Get notified
Get notifications in your preferred channels (such as Slack, Team, Whatsapp, ...) for all the orders made inside your any platform online store.
Integrate support
Integrate any platform with any support software like Freshdesk, Zoho desk to engage spontaneously.

About Zoho

Streamline Zoho with Attlaz. Enhance the power of Zoho with a library of pre-built solutions that you can install directly into your Attlaz platform account.
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