Pricing plans


Ideal for freelancers
or startups
/ mo
What you can do
  • Parallel tasks
  • All adapters
  • Extended runtime


For bigger companies
or teams
/ mo
All of professional plus
  • Team access
  • Client access
  • Roles & permissions


Advanced features and maximum resources
Let's talk
All of business plus
  • Unlimited runtime
  • Extended support

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Tasks Professional Business Enterprise
Number of tasks 6 24 Unlimited
Multi-project access  
Maximum monthly runtime (minutes) 2000 10000 20000
Maximum simultaneous task executions 5 10 50
Task execution triggers All All All
Scheduled tasks
Direct tasks  
Monitoring Professional Business Enterprise
Notification channels Single channel Multi channel Multi channel
Log retention 1 month 6 month 1 year
Weekly report  
Adapters Professional Business Enterprise
Generic adapters
Third party adapters  
Custom private adapters  
Manage Professional Business Enterprise
Log filtering
Ignore log entries  
Team access  
Client access  
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