We empower companies to improve their carbon footprint

Part of building a sustainable company is being aware of your surrounding and making sure that the company you are building is not only sustainable from a business standpoint, but from an environment standpoint as well.

Why does climate change matter?

Climate change is ranked as one of the top trends that will shape global developments over the next 10 years, for better or for worse. While both the public and private sectors have stepped up in efforts such as the Paris Agreement and energy efficiency targets, we will need to do more.

Data automation

Data automation in industry and manufacturing helps companies become more productive, reduce their power usage and toxic emissions, i.e., by reducing truck rolls via predictive maintenance and condition monitoring and reducing energy consumption in the process. By enabling companies to maintain an Equipment-as-a-Service model, fewer products are manufactured, and fewer emissions occur. Data modeling is used for digitizing, connecting, and analyzing end-to-end manufacturing processes for reducing energy consumption in each industry.

Thoughtful about infrastructure

Our infrastructure runs 100% on renewable energy.

Thoughtful about resources

The architecture of Attlaz is designed to optimise the work load so your developers or infrastructure team does not have to think about it. Instead of having resources running idle, either in the cloud or local, Attlaz schedules code to minimize idle time.
Think about it like a highway. Most companies will want their own lane, some will share some of the lanes but in the end there is no orchestration and there will be a lot of space between the so called "cars". Think of that space as servers running idle. Instead, Attlaz looks which "cars" can share lanes and reduces the space between them, optimally using every lane. Just as some of your flow are more urgent, so are some "cars" are urgent (think of firetrucks, ambulances, ...) so for those we keep some of the lanes open.
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