Attlaz Customer Stories.

See how our customers are using the Attlaz platform to achieve goals.
Attlaz Customer Stories

Providing the best solution for our customers is our first priority

Our customers use Attlaz in an innumerable amount of different ways. Because of the flexibility and extensibility of Attlaz there is no limit to the possibilities in which Attlaz can be used.

Order synchronisation

Synchronize order information between your ecommerce platform and you ERP system or any other platform.

Realtime prices

Show realtime prices on your webshop based on your suppliers prices, the predicted demand or other factors.

Marketing campaigns

Base your marketing campaigns on reliable information and target more efficiently to your audiences

Document generation

Automatically generate documents, store or deliver them where needed.

Generate reports

Generate customizable reports. Merge data from multiple sources to have a full overview

Inventory management

Keep your inventory up-to-date and make sure your customers have the right stock information


Re-order automatically based on product availability, your inventory, prices, ...


Predict what is likely to happen and why, based on reliable data analysis

Pricing adjustments

Adjust product prices based a multitude of internal and external factors

Better insights

Custom dashboards allow you to have a better understanding of what is going.

Enhancement of data

Improve your internal data by cleansing, merging with external sources, ...

Much more

There are no limits to what can be achieved. Contact us to discuss your project.
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