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We’re looking for inquisitive minds with good ideas and a strong passion for helping Attlaz grow. If you are bold, authentic, a real team player and ready for a new adventure - join Attlaz!

We’re an international growing team with big ambitions, offering fully remote and flexible work.

We are a tight knit team that came together to thrive in a remote-first, mission-driven environment. And we bring our whole and best selves to work to be owners and problem solvers who love facing the unique challenges that come with scaling our company – together.
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Our Culture

Freedom and Responsibility

Freedom and Responsibility

We have a culture of freedom and responsibility: we want to attract and retain brilliant people and then give them maximum freedom and responsibility so that they can innovate and create great products that help companies and people.


By taking complete ownership of our roles and having the freedom to decide how we achieve our goals, we m-a-x-i-m-i-z-e our chance of innovation. This also means we’ll make more mistakes but that’s OK: mistakes are a great opportunity to learn and we share our learnings across the company.


To ensure we keep striving to be the best of our abilities, we encourage everyone in the company, regardless of seniority, to provide feedback to one another. By having a culture of constant feedback, we are constantly improving, and that makes us great at our jobs.

Our tech

Our stack is predominately Javascript-based, with Angular and React on the front-end and Node microservices written in Typescript on the back-end. For data storage we use MySQL, MongoDB and Redis across different parts of the platform as well as elastic for log storage.

We have several environments hosted in the cloud on Kubernetes.

Our belief is that you should always use the best tool for the job, so it's important that we collectively keep up to date with new technologies or practices, and ensure we regularly re-evaluate our own. If there’s a better solution that creates real world value, we’re keen to try it out.
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