Challenging the way you organize software connections

Attlaz exists to make it possible for anyone to set up, manage and monitor platform connections.

The Attlaz Story

Attlaz is an all-in-one integration platform for modern digital enterprises. Attlaz offers today’s businesses the ability to quickly connect their platforms, move data between platforms without effort, and manage and monitor those connections in one place.

Our ambition is to help all businesses achieve their full potential with a scalable solution that can be used to grow as you grow.

Why does Attlaz exist?

After working for more than ten years on various platform integration projects,
I kept encountering the same challenges.

There were always problems making platforms talk to each other - scheduling was off, communications didn't go through for unknown reasons, the behaviour was unpredictable and hard to manage.

Only the development team in charge could read into what was happening. End clients, project managers and other stakeholders often felt out of the loop and did not have the necessary control over projects.

So we started out with a vision: to make connecting platforms easy to manage, accessible, transparent, stable and collaborative.

The result was Attlaz.


Future-proof your business today

A modern software architecture to help your business
achieve its full potential in just a few clicks.

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